Detroit By Design Fashion Show

Bankle Building 12/06/08

Then fashion show..awesome...Amnesia...awesome (until we were removed by force hehe) Bangle after party loft-ness..awesome. I've got some shout outs to make. So last night was about the most fun I've had in a very very long time. I owe it all to Stephanie. Without her, the night would have been far blander. As long as she doesn't taze me, I think I could love her forever. But as always, there were so many people that made the evening as memorable as it was. Christos, what would I do without you? We are the dynamic duo and I can't wait to get the new stuff off the ground. Jessica, I'm always happy to see you and we will spend more time together soon! Ryan..oh my god man. It's been farrrr too long, expect a phone call this week. Bethany and David, I love hanging out with you guys and your stuff looked great last night. I will see you both soon, and thanks for everything. Jeff, Kyle, Anna great to see all of you, and to all the new friends. Amy, Janis, Mike, etc. Look forward to running into you at future events! To everyone, remember, e-mail if you are interested in photo(s) and check out Christos's at All photographs are ©